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June 10, 2022

This is how Procano takes full or shared responsibility as your IT department

10 June 2022 Procano Expected reading time: approx. 3 minutes

There are a large number of IT suppliers in Norway, and in many cases it can be difficult to find a supplier that fits into the company's existing structure and needs. This is one of the reasons why you can choose between full and shared responsibility with Procano as your IT supplier. The goal is for you to get a flexible solution tailored to your needs, while ensuring IT security at all times.

Don't have your own IT department? Let us take full responsibility

Finding specialists who can solve parts of the IT situation is often easier than finding those who can handle the entire need.

With full responsibility, Procano functions as your company's complete IT department. You will have a dedicated customer team that engages with the company as a whole. In addition to emphasizing personal relationships and good interaction in everyday work, you can be sure that everything within IT is taken care of. This means that you can relax and be confident that the company's IT environment is in safe hands.

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With Procano as your new IT department with full responsibility, you get access to dedicated employees who are specialists in:

  • Answering the phone 24 hours a day, preferably within 10 seconds

  • Putting the user at the center with a focus on automated and integrated services, without compromising security and compliance

  • Personal service, care, and collaboration

  • Training in both security and productivity

  • Integrating into your company as your new employees, so that you feel like you have your own IT department, rather than an external contributor

Your new IT department also has expertise and extensive experience in:

  • IT security, so that your company is always protected at all levels

  • Cloud services in private and public cloud

  • Microsoft 365

  • Network

  • Infrastructure

  • Automation and integration

  • Data center

  • Choice of software and licenses

  • Online store

And much more...

In short, this means that you can leave the entire operation to us, so that you can focus on what is important for your core business and value creation.

With an IT department at Procano, you will receive tailored solutions that are adapted to your needs, 

and no, you do not need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment for someone else to take full responsibility for your IT environment. If new equipment is necessary, we offer sales and rental of all IT equipment (including software).

Shared responsibility - for those who already have an IT department, but need assistance from an external IT supplier

It is not always possible to cover all expertise in an in-house IT department, and sometimes time constraints can be a problem. Regardless of the issue, you can use shared responsibility with Procano.

With shared responsibility, you get access to the same specialists as with full responsibility, and you are guaranteed to be in safe hands. The main difference between full and shared responsibility is that with shared responsibility, Procano functions as an extended part of your existing IT department. 

As a partner and IT supplier, we know that the speed of developing new services and security threats is challenging for an IT department to keep up with. Therefore, we want to take shared responsibility for standardized tasks, while assisting with joint development to take your company's digitalization to a new level.

In other words; we tailor the shared responsibility to your needs and assist your IT department with time-consuming tasks, competence development, and digitalization so that you can maintain the pace and continue to grow.

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